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There are hero writers in us all

Elayne is someone I have not met in person, but when my mother told all her friends that I started a business (as any proud mother would do), Elayne responded immediately. She identified with the message and brand of Lady Goals, and wanted to share her story.

Elayne’s story doesn’t start here, but it was disrupted when her youngest son, Andy, experienced an unexplained series of seizures at two and a half years old, which ultimately caused brain damage. Andy is now 53 and has lived in several group homes around the Dallas-Fort Worth area since he was 11. Throughout these tumultuous years, Elayne and her family have kept afloat and learned – through unfortunate circumstances – how to navigate the world while caring for a mentally challenged loved one. Because I do not know her personally, I’ll let you read how she was able to turn these experiences into a memoir, “Disrupted Lives,” which offers support and insight to other parents and people in similar situations:

I am an older writer. I published my first work, a memoir, at age 77. However, I have been a writer since I was very young. It’s a skill one is compelled to practice. A form of communication embedded in your intellect, your psyche, your soul. I worked as a technical writer many years, all while writing daily journals, maintaining a lengthy correspondence with a pen friend, compiling cookbooks, recording activities for a civic organization, on and on, whatever activity needed my skill. All this served as rehearsal for my final opus.

My intellectually challenged son was my lifelong sideline. Being his advocate was a role with no break. Working on his behalf continues as my second career, and he has benefited in many ways. When I retired my husband urged me to write about Andy. We had been through so much, and our experiences could serve a purpose for families starting down the same road. It took me six years to write “Disrupted Lives” and another year to publish it on Amazon. Time well spent.

If you are a writer and have a friend or a family member with a life changing experience, you are the ideal person to produce a memoir about it. You have the skills, the incentive, and the connections. You become a hero writer.

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