• Natalie King

Start before you're ready

I have been listening to many podcasts recently, some about success, and some just about life. Most of the hosts ask at the end, "What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?"

I always pay close attention to the guests' answers; I think to myself, what should I really take to heart in this adventure of entrepreneurship?

Marie Forleo, who I wholeheartedly admire, says that the key to success is to start before you're ready. So here I am - I have no idea how to be an entrepreneur; I've never taken a business course; I've never even held the "manager" title; but again, here I am - trying to play to my strengths and see this wild ride through.

Through Lady Goals, I mostly hope to learn. So many women have done so many amazing things in their lives, and they deserve to be showcased. I want to get their stories out there, and have you connect with them on a personal and emotional level, where I hope you can find the inspiration to apply their journeys and experience to your life to meet your goals.

Through these stories, I hope to build a brand of self-confidence, a brand of inspiration, and a brand you can identify with on a daily basis. My goals are to listen to you and to learn from you. Together we can lift each other up to succeed in business, life, and health.

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