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Mar 3, 2018

Reshaping societal norms

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I flew to Denver last week for a work trip. I settled into my seat and heard a woman come on the intercom. I was expecting the typical safety talk along with some administrative announcements. She surprised me when she introduced herself as the pilot.


Then I felt embarrassed. I had assumed she was a flight attendant because of her gender. This is what I was used to, and how I have always experienced air travel. I let societal norms influence my expectation, and it was shameful.


Have you ever experienced a similar circumstance? What are some expectations you have had that turned out to be wrong? How can we reshape these societal norms?

Mar 8, 2018

I'm old enough to have grown up experiencing only male doctors and female nurses. Now at least half of the doctors I see are female, and almost all the doctors I took my children (daughters) to were female. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for those first women in medical school - the prejudice they must have experienced. But they forged ahead, changing the societal norm. I think the answer is we women just have to get out there and do it! Your pilot is in the minority now, but by being there she's changing the expectation so that little girls who hear her voice on the intercom will not be surprised.