Lady Goals is dedicated to promoting the success and achievements of women through story-telling to empower and encourage women to set and achieve goals for a happy and successful life.

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Natalie King

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Hi! I'm Natalie King. I grew up between New Hampshire and Maryland and am currently living in Washington, DC. I have two cats, Bovi and Roxy, and a boyfriend, Mike. I studied Math at the University of Maryland and really found my place when tutoring student-athletes in math for the athletics department.

Working as a business analyst and project manager after college came easy to me. I tasted stereotypical success, but I knew I wanted to do more and get personal. I want to help individuals achieve their goals, like I did when tutoring. I started Lady Goals in 2017 to do my part to make an impact on the world by sharing stories of women I love and respect. 

I truly believe 2017 was the start of something big, and I want to be part of it. We will stand together and for each other, encouraging and empowering each other to set and achieve goals to make us happier, healthier, and more successful.  

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